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Hi there, Go-Getter. I'm Payal, and you inspire me.
That's right, I said it. You inspire me.

The fact that you're even here, looking for a way to maximize your time, your career, and your life, means that you desire better for yourself. You're taking the first step to living the life you've always wanted, and I think that's incredible.

As a Certified Life Coach with CPD accreditation from the UK, An NLP Certified Practitioner, MBA with 18 years of experience in HR, my expertise is in creating profound growth through releasing mental obstacles.

Using your past experiences as a catalyst, I'll coach you to come up with a game plan for success. Together, we'll push through mental roadblocks, resistance to change, or any other (perfectly normal!) negative feelings you feel in order to jump start your journey of triumph.

Whether you're looking to advance your career or find a new direction in your work or personal life, my friendly and personalized approach will empower you to achieve awe-inspiring results.
If the world I've told you to imagine makes you feel nervous, I want you to know you're not alone. I've worked with extraordinary people just like yourself who felt powerless in the face of their biggest challenges and, with my help, have navigated their way into a life of purpose and prosperity.

My work is to motivate you to feel encouraged and excited by the space between where you are and where you want to be—and then help you to get there.

Payal Bhatia
Life Coach & Career Advisor


Because You Matter!

Do you want to improve your inner peace, confidence, self-awareness, emotional IQ, and relationships?

You Need Radical Self Love

I’ll empower you to grow and develop within yourself to realize that not only are you lovable and capable, but perfect just as you are

Remove Past Baggage

We help you to purposefully schedule work, social and personal time, & figure out the things that matter most to you

Career Advise 

Think of something you want to improve about yourself & we will work with you to enhance it

Give Yourself a Hug

Imagine A World Where You Wake Up Feeling Inspired, Perform Dynamic Work That You Love, And End The Day Feeling Fulfilled With The Life You’ve Built

For Corporates – Get to Know People at Your Work

Live a mindful life & lets discover new ways to cultivate well-being and clear away roadblocks that stop you

Prioritize Your Wellbeing

Together, we’ll discover new ways to cultivate your ultimate happiness and wellbeing while clearing away the mental roadblocks

Small Life Changes = Big Results

my approach to empowering your life involves developing the long-term psychological habits and behaviors you need to make lifestyle changes that last

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Please note that currently, we do not accept insurance plans. We offer one-on-one consultations or family sessions depending on our client’s needs

The first 15 minutes of introduction is where we get to know you better which is non chargeable. You can choose a session for 60 minutes. We will plan to meet once weekly at the same agreed-upon time each week or bi weekly as the case maybe. After the first session, I will be able to assess if more frequent sessions feel right for you. After a certain length of treatment, we may decide to meet less frequently.

All counseling sessions are currently provided either face to face or online via Google/Zoom platform. Once you start with sessions, we will send you the meeting details via email & WhatsApp

There are many advantages of online counseling, such as convenience, effectiveness, and safety from COVID-19. That said, it's not for everyone. Online counseling works best for individuals, who are comfortable using technology, and have a private place to sit during sessions.

All counselling sessions will be kept confidential which means that what we discuss during your therapy sessions will not be disclosed to others without your written permission.

We meet with clients by appointment only. There are many flexible ways you can schedule an appointment. We have made it very easy and convenient to you.

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About Payal

I am a Certified Life Coach with CPD accreditation from the UK, as well as an MBA and 16 years’ experience in HR. 

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